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  • The END POVERTY Bracelet on model

The THRIVE Bracelet

$48.00 USD




The THRIVE Bracelet, in collaboration with the Same Sky Foundation, connects you with sustainable social change through education and employment. 20% of proceeds from every bracelet directly supports the Foundation's mission to give women the dignity of work, the opportunity to use her talent, and the ability to transform her life.

The Same Sky Foundation utilizes the lessons gathered from years of firsthand, on-the-ground experience watching Same Sky's business model and its impacts. These changes happen with the dignity of work, the freedom from poverty, and the promise of self-sufficiency that a job at Same Sky offers a talented woman in need of an opportunity. By wearing the THRIVE Bracelet, you join the Same Sky Foundation as an advocate against poverty.

Product Information: The THRIVE Bracelet measures approximately 1/2" thick and 7" in diameter. Best fits wrists sized 6 to 8" in diameter. For best care, do not expose to water.

With the purchase of an IMPACT Bracelet, you become a part of the powerful circle connecting women everywhere.

Same Sky. Empowering Women. Changing Lives.

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