• Leopord Junonia
  • Leopord Junonia

Leopord Junonia

$120.00 USD



The Ingwe Collection is bursting with bright textures, pops of neon, and geometric patterns. The collection puts a bold, modern twist on traditional African weaving by pairing locally-sourced, natural materials with acrylic details and contrasting shapes.

Behind the Design: Our signature sweetgrass baskets are handwoven with heart by artisans in Rwanda. Practicing a time-honored Rwandan weaving technique, the artisans use a needle and thread to wrap hand-dyed strands of sisal (the inside fibers of an agave plant) around bunches of sweetgrass to create tightly coiled, durable baskets in an impressive range of patterns and colors. Depending on the size and shape, each basket can take one weaver anywhere from 60-70 hours to make!

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