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Pom Pom Chunky Scarf

Pom Pom Chunky Scarf

$100.00 USD

At the base of Rwanda’s majestic Virunga Mountains, nestled among lofty trees and serene expanses of green, is the Handspun Hope Farm—a True Vineyard Ministries initiative to help women in Musanze, Rwanda lift themselves out of poverty by spinning local sheep’s wool into high-quality, 100% organic merino yarn. The farm has over 150 sheep that are cared for night and day by a devoted shepherd.


Once every eight months, he shears the sheep’s wool and brings it to the Handspun Hope artisan cooperative, where women spin the local wool into 100% organic merino yarn. The artisans clean and untangle the wool and then feed each strand into a spinning wheel, making one ply of yarn at a time. Once the yarn is ready, the women dye it by hand using local plants, flowers, and vegetable material—like eucalyptus leaves, local flora, avocado, and onion skins—that they often pick on their way to work in the morning. The final result is soft, high-quality merino yarn that is naturally made, beautifully dyed, and 100% organic and eco-friendly from start to finish.

  • 100% organic merino wool
  • wool hand-spun in Rwanda
  • 70" x 12"