At Same Sky, we believe the best philanthropy is a good job.

We are a trade initiative, and we work to create employment opportunities for women struggling to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. With collectives based in Rwanda and the USA, we see firsthand that real change happens with the dignity of work and the freedom of being self-sufficient. We tap into the Same Sky Artisans’ talent and potential and provide them with training and tools. Our Rwandan artisans earn 8 times the median hourly wage in Rwanda, and 100% of net proceeds are reinvested to train and employ more artisans in need.

The true value of a Same Sky bracelet is empowerment. It is a ribbon that ties you to courageous women a world away—a beautiful piece of jewelry made more beautiful by the connection it symbolizes and how it makes you feel.

“Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn’t”— and we aim to change that.

 In 1994, the world stood by as Rwanda was torn apart by a brutal genocide. In roughly 100 days, nearly one million people were murdered. The UN estimates that a quarter of a million women were raped, and 70% of them contracted HIV/AIDS. These women were used as weapons of war and left as widows, single mothers, and orphaned teenage girls. Same Sky was born with a mission to help them. 

Same Sky was founded with a vision to provide all women under the same sky with the same chance to thrive. Not only do we offer employment and fair pay, we also give the training and education necessary for women to live empowered and self-sustaining lives.

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