At Same Sky, we believe that shopping carries the potential to change the world.  
Today, 1 in 6 people work in the global fashion industry. Not only is fashion the most labor-dependent industry in the world, it’s also by far the most female-dominated, with some factories in East Asian countries employing 90% women. While it’s good news that these women have jobs, the bad news is that these jobs do very little to lift women out of poverty. The modern garment and textile industry is worth $3 trillion - yet the average garment worker receives a wage of just $3 a day.

Some of us are taking matters into our own hands. The ethical shopping movement was founded as a means of empowering consumers to shop in ways that demand more transparency. We deserve to know that we are partaking in a sustainable supply chain, one that protects women globally while giving them more effective opportunities to leave poverty behind.

Click here to explore the Conscious Consumer Syllabus, which we invite you to use as a launching pad for understanding the direct power of your purchases. At Same Sky, we encourage shoppers like you to reach for the wonderful feeling that comes with being morally connected to your shopping choices. Our conscious consumer movement is here to provide you with a support system to help you buy with knowledge, shop with empathy, and consume in a way that does not leave behind the 3.5 million people living in poverty.


When you donate to the Same Sky Foundation,
you provide education and opportunity to women and girls so that they can build brighter futures for themselves and for their families.