Speciose and her family are survivors of the1994 Rwandan genocide and are currently living on the outskirts of Kigali, Rwanda. Since joining Same Sky in 2008, Speciose has earned an income that allows her to provide food, healthcare, and school uniforms to her three children. She says, “before making bracelets, I felt tired and looked sick.” Speciose was raped repeatedly during the genocide and contracted HIV—but she's a survivor. She now feels healthy, is more social, confident, and secure with her future. Working in a collective provides support, as she can communicate with other women living with HIV. Speciose has also opened a savings account since becoming a Same Sky artisan and is planning to build a bigger house.

She's also installed electricity in her home—a huge accomplishment, considering that only 6% of Rwandans had electricity in 2008. Speciose has also bought a goat to provide nutrition for her family and herself. Her children are succeeding in school, and she's has gained some weight and vitality.

Speciose’s message to customers:

To my parent Francine and the Same Sky team—I hope you all are doing well and I thank God for your invaluable support. I send greetings to all clients of Same Sky.