Black Spinel Gem Necklace

Gives protection. Increases energy. Reduces sadness.

Spinel is a chameleon of the gemstone world, found in a wide array of brilliant colors. Commonly mistaken for black diamonds, the faceting and refraction of the rare black spinel gem give it a subtle luster perfectly suited for use in jewelry. Some believe that wearing black spinel provides the wearer with increased energy, protection, and positivity.

The perfect companion to your go-to L.B.D., the Black Spinel Gem Necklace is an incredibly versatile piece. Jet black with dazzling facets and irresistible shimmer, it's the picture of understated elegance when worn as a single strand. To up the drama of your look, layer several strands together, or pair with the classic Black Tie Necklace.

The Rare Gem Collection is available in extremely limited quantities. Each Rare Gem necklace is made from hand-cut precious or semi-precious gemstones strung on nylon cord. Measures 50" in length. Can be worn doubled or tripled around the neck. For best care, do not expose to water.



Type: Gem Necklace

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