Labradorite Gem Necklace

Gives clarity, direction, and insight.

Appearances can be deceiving: smokey grey at first glance, labradorite bursts with flares of vivid color when illuminated. The stone's unique interaction with light is known to gemologists as labradoresence, and it is instantly recognizable for its mesmerizing iridescence. Those who practice crystal healing believe labradorite to be the gem of seers and visionaries, bringing the wearer clarity, insight, and direction.

Ethereal and enchanting, the Labradorite Gem Necklace is made to elevate your ensemble. When worn as a single strand or looped, it adds a touch of dreamy finesse to casual weekend and everyday looks. If the occasion calls for glamour, loop and layer or mix and match with the Black Spinel Necklace - you're sure to stand out from the crowd and make an impression that lingers. 

The Rare Gem Collection is available in extremely limited quantities. Each Rare Gem necklace is made from hand-cut precious or semi-precious gemstones strung on nylon cord. Measures 50" in length. Can be worn doubled or tripled around the neck. For best care, do not expose to water.

Type: Gem Necklace

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