Pyrite Gem Necklace

Sparks inspiration. Increases confidence. Enhances focus.

A classic for all the right reasons, the deep gold sheen of pyrite has been in demand for jewelry since the Victorian era. Equally beautiful and practical, pyrite has been prized for use in ornament and ritual alike. This gem sparkles from the inside out - the name 'pyrite' comes from the Greek word 'pyros,' referring to the sparks that fly when the stone is struck against hard surfaces.

The Pyrite Gem Necklace is all about star power, calling to mind visions of Old Hollywood glamour and big-screen beauty. Make any look red carpet-ready by layering and looping this stunner alone, or pair with Black Spinel and Black Tie necklaces to achieve total opulence.

The Rare Gem Collection is available in extremely limited quantities. Each Rare Gem necklace is made from hand-cut precious or semi-precious gemstones strung on nylon cord. Measures 50" in length. Can be worn doubled or tripled around the neck. For best care, do not expose to water.

Type: Gem Necklace

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