She Is... Loom-Woven Bracelets

She is...
a trend setter. A tastemaker. Chic and caring at the same time. A force of nature. Going places. Changing the world. A sister, daughter, mother, friend. She is a woman unlike any other.

She Is... Loom-Woven Bracelets reflect the incredible versatility and spirit of every woman. The Queen Bracelet is made from positively royal mauve beads accented with two 24-karat plated gold crowns, each studded with black spinel gemstones. The Empowered Bracelet features bold black against shining white beads, a powerful affirmation on the wrist of its wearer.

The bracelets and necklaces of The Loom Collection are hand-woven by our exceptionally skilled artisans in Rwanda. Each piece is constructed on a loom, strand by strand, pairing gold-plated chain and glass seed beads to create exquisite patterns and designs. Intricate, delicate, and beautiful, The Loom Collection elevates artisan-made jewelry to new heights.

Product details: Bracelets feature box chain and sliding bead closure, fitting wrists 6" to 8". Measures approximately .5" in width. For best care, do not expose to water.

With your purchase, you become a part of the powerful circle connecting women everywhere.
Same Sky. Empowering Women. Changing Lives.

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