The Links Woven Bead Bracelet
(3 colors)

Your purchase of a Links Bracelet
provides an artisan with food
for one month

At Same Sky, we're always looking for ways to connect creators and supporters, forming a chain of unity forged in the belief that a step forward for one woman is a step forward for us all. The Links Bracelet is a celebration of this essential connection, a symbolic link between our artisans and the people who wear the beautiful jewelry they create.

Sturdy in composition and intricate in design, the Links bracelet is made by weaving rows of beads on a loom to create a striking, solid band. The bracelet is handsomely framed with nickel-plated seed beads and joined by a bold magnetic closure for easy wear. Sporty and sleek, the Links bracelet is an everyday wear piece for men and women. Available in Olive, Slate Blue, and Steel Grey.

Sold in sizes Small (7") and Large (8"). For best care, do not expose to liquids. No returns.

With the purchase of a Links bracelet, you become a part of the powerful circle connecting women everywhere.
Same Sky. Empowering Women. Changing Lives.

Type: Bracelet

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