White Sapphire Gem Necklace

Supports focus and growth. Encourages wisdom. Symbolic of unconditional love.

Most commonly known as a rich blue stone, sapphires come in an array of hues - and the glinting, icy White Sapphire is a subtly striking gem. The purest form of the Corundum mineral, jewelry-quality White Sapphire is exceptionally rare. Practitioners of crystal healing believe that White Sapphire is a powerful stone for guiding wearers to integrity and clarity. 

The Rare Gem Collection is available in extremely limited quantities. Each Rare Gem necklace is made from hand-cut precious or semi-precious gemstones strung on nylon cord. Measures 50" in length. Can be worn doubled or tripled around the neck. For best care, do not expose to water.



Type: Gem Necklace

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