January Hero: Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire

Caren Carlson

Posted on January 30 2014

Before the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire took notice of early warning signs of mass atrocity, including the use of children as weapons of war. He knew that society was about to implode and alerted the UN, but the rest of the global community didn’t react in time. 

Following the genocide, Dallaire was emotionally spent. While suffering severe PTSD, he even attempted to commit suicide. Now, 20 years later, he is an advocate for PTSD recognition in the military. He has also founded the Child Soldiers Initiative, with a powerful mission to end the use and recruitment of child soldiers everywhere. 

What makes Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire a hero of the Rwandan Genocide? 
Dallaire’s strength, perseverance, and dedication is not just admirable, but necessary in shaping a constructive global conversation on genocide prevention. He has overcome many emotional and mental hurdles and now shares his story and insight with agents of change all over the world, from giving speeches at Canadian universities and the UN to presenting students with calls to action through TEDx, Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire is an inspiration and will forever be remembered as a Rwandan Genocide hero and humanitarian.

About Dallaire
Humanitarian. Canadian senator. Author. Retired general. Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire has many honorable titles attributed to his name, but the one that has made him into a respected, worldwide hero is Force Commander of UNAMIR (United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda).

Watch: Romeo Dallaire's speech at the UN - 'Genocide: A Preventable Crime'
Official website: www.romeodallaire.com
Purchase Dallaire's books: Shake Hands with the Devil, They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children


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