Are you a student who wants to help empower women?

Same Sky's internship program offers young women and men the opportunity to get involved with global women's empowerment and the conscious consumer movement in a hands-on learning environment that includes marketing, social media and foundation work.

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Here's what some of our past interns have said:


Ariella, United Kingdom

"I have so enjoyed working at FAL / Same Sky this summer, contributing to positive change and impact in the US and East-Africa.
From my very first day, everyone on the team made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I learned so much and so differently from each of them about work ethic, autonomy, and taking initiative.
This experience has given me so much more confidence in myself. It has been extremely motivating to work under and learn from a driven and respected female mentor… a true symbol that women can achieve anything we put our minds to. May you continue making the world a better place for women and students."


Ana Sofia, Mexico

"Just being in the office and working alongside the amazing people I had the pleasure of meeting was one of the greatest learning experiences in itself, along with attending events and meeting the people whose lives have been changed with the programs funded within this Foundation."


Martin, Washington DC

"I have done lots of research in the past for papers, presentations and even for other jobs but this summer was the first time that I have actually been able to see a direct impact as a result of the research that I have been doing. Throughout the last six weeks, I have also felt that my voice was valuable to the team and that I have been able to make a contribution. Not only have I been able to see this in various visits to grantees but I was able to see the engagement in meetings and discussions about the work that I am doing."


Jacqueline, New Jersey

"As a senior in high school, it allowed me to fully understand the hardships that these women have gone through, and how important Same Sky’s work truly is. They inspired me to use the privilege I was born with to speak for and work to help those who were not born with the same. They encourage creative and innovative ideas when approaching such important problems in our society. They preach compassion, giving, and empowerment. Their dedication to their mission is astounding, and seeing the impact of their work makes you believe in the power to change the world for the better."


Mikenna, Texas

"Before I came to Same Sky I had a passion to help others, but I had no idea how to share that passion with the world. I am thankful now because I have gotten to be a part of the mission of Same Sky and have seen how to empower other women. Before I began my internship, I knew I was going to help other women, but I never thought I would be empowered and encouraged as much as I was."


Reyna, California

"Same Sky is a family—whose members reflect the fundamental factor that makes the foundation so meaningful: the desire to selflessly care for others needs as though they were your own. Though I struggled with the more menial aspects of the job in terms of research, I would not trade my experience or time at Same Sky this summer for anything. I’m still shocked at the countless organizations the company helps and the fact that I was able to be a part of something this large and impactful. I only hope I can continue to do good and help others with my writing long after my time at Same Sky is over."


Jamie, New Jersey

"Same Sky is a place where opportunity comes to fruition and passion radiates through every action. Interning this summer, I got to see lives change before my very eyes and for that I am so grateful. I don’t know if it was the future business woman from Operation Hope who told me during an interview that she never believed in herself until she completed the program or the ex-offender who wasn’t able to get a job until Same Sky created the opportunity that confirmed my decision to commit to this type of work for the rest of my life. I have learned so much this summer and I want to thank every single member of this team for welcoming me, exploring my ideas, and making my time so enjoyable here. This isn’t goodbye, this is the start to helping more people, changing lives, and creating opportunity; needless to say, I hope to be back soon."

Here's what our other interns have said about us:


 "Working at Same Sky has been an incredible experience. Each day involved different tasks that were interesting and made us feel a part of the team. This definitely was not the internship any of us expected... rather than getting people coffee and running errands, we learned valuable skills and were able to make a contribution to all the amazing work that Same Sky does."  


"By having the opportunity to work at Same Sky for the past 3 months, I have not only learned a lot about the company but been able to grow as a person. The environment and energy in the office was so different that I had expected and I am very grateful that I was able to work alongside so many talented and inspiring people. Overall, this experience has shown me a lot about how a business works and has taught me skills that I will be able to use in the future."  


"My time here expanded my perspective on how a piece of jewelry can hold importance... not just monetary value but personal value. Going through the jewelry sent from Rwanda with the artisans' names in each package made me appreciate the journey and significance of every piece of jewelry, not only for the person receiving it but for the artisans making it."


"This summer at Same Sky I learned the value of teamwork. In a small work environment we were all able to bounce our ideas off of each other. Working in a group is hard sometimes because everyone has different ideas. But we learned how to put all of our ideas together to form something great. Working together for a company that empowers women and impacts lives was extremely rewarding."  


"My time at Same Sky taught me the beauty of women's empowerment. I saw that it is possible to both have a career you love and help those who don't have the same opportunities as you. Same Sky helped me to realize my passion [for editing videos] in a caring, professional environment. I also developed a love for philanthropy. Same Sky helped me to become more aware of global issues that aren't discussed as often as they should be." 


"I am deeply grateful for my experience at Same Sky and have learned so much in only a few months. I truly admire all that you have achieved and feel lucky to have gotten to know you. Your insatiable desire to empower women and the fact that you decided to dedicate your life to helping others is so inspiring to me. While so many people attach stigmas to women living in poverty or the justice system, you see all women as deserving of a chance at success."


"I've got my sights set for the gold. With the training I received from Same Sky and the current projects I'm working on right now, I know I can achieve it. I'm honestly so grateful for everything Same Sky has taught me. I keep telling my mum that I hit the jackpot this past summer."



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