Meet The Founder: Francine LeFrak



Dear Same Sky Supporter,

Welcome to the Same Sky family. I want to let you know why I devoted my career to empowering women.

Same Sky connects our supporters with the artisans and shows people how something as simple as jewelry can act as a ribbon to a woman you have never met. This is more than jewelry: this is a symbol of independence, prosperity, hope, and the dignity of employment. This is the power of connection and this is the good feeling that Same Sky gives us.

I believe that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. When I saw the creative capacities of the women in Rwanda and Jersey City, I knew they had all the talent in the world. All they needed were the tools to pursue their talents. When we provided the women with training and employment, they were unstoppable. They began to have feelings of self-confidence and self-worth; they started thinking about the future of their families; in Rwanda, they bought their children mattresses and textbooks. In fact, just one sky bracelet provides an HIV+ artisan in Rwanda with healthcare for an entire year, and one Hope necklace provides an artisan’s child with education for a year.

This jewelry changes your life as much as it changes the lives of the artisans and their families. You will fall in love with this beautiful jewelry and the connection that it fosters to empower women a world away.

We all have the power to be agents of hope and change. On behalf of the artisans and the Same Sky team, we thank you and welcome you to the Same Sky family.


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    Francine LeFrak
    Same Sky Founder