Meet The Founder: Francine LeFrak


Dear Same Sky Supporter,

Welcome to the Same Sky family. I wanted to let you know why I created Same Sky jewelry in the hopes that you fall in love with it the way I have. It has really made my life better because it looks fabulous, and it makes you feel fabulous.

What surprised me most was how the jewelry made me feel, and I created Same Sky to share this good feeling. It’s a privilege to introduce you to our talented artisans. Their lives have inspired me, and I’m sure their stories will inspire you. Same Sky is jewelry that improves artisans’ lives, and it also makes the lives better of all of those who have heard and share our story.

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Same Sky gives the artisans the opportunity to demonstrate their talent. Same Sky connects the customers to the artisans and shows people how something as simple as a beautiful piece of jewelry can act as a ribbon to the courageous artisan who crafted it. This is more than jewelry: this is a symbol of good health, of fresh water, of education, and of the power and dignity of employment. This is the power of connection, and this is the good feeling that Same Sky gives us.

With your help, women are lifting themselves out of poverty. When you wear the jewelry, you are promoting change, alleviating poverty, and empowering women living a world away. You are connected to the artisans, and you are connected to the other likeminded people who want to change the world by the way we shop. This jewelry changes your life as much as it changes the lives of the artisans and their families.

Now that you’re part of the family, you will find how much the story matters to you. You will fall in love with these products and the joy from wearing them, and the connection it fosters.

On behalf of the artisans and the Same Sky team, we thank you and welcome you to the Same Sky family, where we are all agents for hope and change.


Francine LeFrak
Same Sky Founder


For more from our founder, click here to listen to Francine discuss Same Sky and all things entrepreneurism and philanthropy with Judith Regan, see Francine speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg, discussing how Same Sky empowers women through opportunity. She can also be seen here at the Prisoner Reentry Conference in New Jersey, speaking about Same Sky America. To read more about her journey to starting Same Sky and the story behind the company read this  US TRUST Capital Acumen Magazine Articile