At Same Sky, we believe the best philanthropy is a good job.

Same Sky celebrates the bond between artisan and consumer. Our handmade beaded jewelry is inspired by the courageous stories of our women artisans. We have provided over 85 women in Rwanda with a marketable skill and steady employment—two crucial factors in rebuilding lives & communities. The artisan cooperatives provide them with a safe haven and forum to discuss pressing social issues such as poverty, family planning, and violence against women. Below, you can read stories and watch videos shared by four of our artisans.

The true value of Same Sky's jewelry is empowerment. It is a ribbon that ties you to our shared humanity—a beautiful piece of jewelry made more beautiful by the connection it symbolizes and how it makes you feel.

“Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn’t”— and we aim to change that.

Same Sky was founded with a vision to provide all women under the same sky with the resources and opportunity to reach their full potential. Together with your support, we can provide the training and education necessary for women to live independently and provide sustainable living for their families.