Be Kind: Jeannie Mai's Fresh Story

Caren Carlson

Posted on September 08 2014


1) What does being KIND mean to you? As an individual? As a global citizen?

As an individual, kind means being able to count off the top of your head AT LEAST 5 things that you're grateful for at any moment. Kind means acknowledging the people behind the scenes. It means realizing you're not going to get anywhere without the people that surround you. Kind means that you are a puzzle piece to a great work of art.

As a global citizen, kind means knowing that everything you do is either a contribution or a setback to society.


2) We want to hear your Fresh Story! When was the last time you were KIND?

A bunch of my fancy friends and I went to a nice restaurant. As we were leaving, I noticed that they had barely touched all of the food that they'd ordered. I'm incredibly aware of wastefulness and I couldn't stand the idea of leaving it all to be thrown out. Before we left, I requested that we all package up the food and give it to the homeless people I had seen down the street. As we handed out a meal to one man, he told us he was so touched. He went on to tell me that he hadn't had seafood in over 20 years. Wow. Sometimes you never know how a small gesture can change someone's day!

3) We find you inspiring, how would you share or encourage your readers to be KIND, too?  Do you have any tips or challenges for them? We would love it if you'd share!

Empathy. Just knowing that everyone is going through a greater battle -- and being respectful of that in your day-to-day life.

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