Rwandan Business Training Update

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on August 12 2015

Rwandan Business Training Update

Rwandan Business Training

As the Business Training program nears its halfway mark we have begun to touch base with the women and map out their progress. Each woman is blossoming in the program and we are so proud that they are all taking full advantage of the opportunity to grow both as individuals and as a community. 

At the beginning of the training we asked each woman to write down what she most wished to take away and/or learn from the program. The Same Sky Team would like to share with you some of the women's dreams and goals - 

Judith: I’m joining the training to gain knowledge on money management, learning to invest money, and to start my own business.

Yvette: I need this training to learn skills that will help me perform my job effectively and professionally. I hope to find new markets, building good relationships among the cooperative members, and, personally, become an entrepreneur.

Speciose: I have no experience in financial management or how cooperatives operate; this is why I need the training.

Clementine: Personally, I want to do my job effectively, and become a self-entrepreneur.

Alice:  After the training, I expect to know how to invest what I earn from the cooperative.

Domithille: Currently, I have a bank account and manage my savings. I hope to gain marketing skills and be able to work with banks to obtain a loan.

Beatha: My hope is to find new ways to improve our quality control and time management.

Madeleine: I want to implement the lessons I learn into the cooperative and my personal life so that I can earn more money to pay for the necessities.

Therese: I want to share the knowledge I learn through the course with others in my community.

Cecile: My dream is to earn money that can help me develop my family because of the saving skills I will learn.


Keep checking in to see how each woman is progressing and how their journeys unfold!


- Same Sky 

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