Ambassador Profile: Tomaczek Bednarek

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on July 02 2013

Ambassador Profile: Tomaczek Bednarek


"Through the blessed hands of these Rwandan women, every one of these SAME SKY bracelets comes alive for all the world to treasure. The story of SAME SKY becomes even more impacting when you understand that the care and attention to detail born unto each piece of jewelry comes from the heart of a woman who needed a hand-up and today is excited about her future." -Tomaczek Bednarek, SAME SKY Ambassador 

SAME SKY introduces Tomaczek Bednarek as our July Ambassador of the Month. Tomaczek is a longtime supporter of SAME SKY, in fact he photographed the very first SAME SKY Collection in 2008. He brings the SAME SKY team years of expertise and diversity in producing,  singing/songwriting, and composing.  Tomaczek spends his personal time going abroad and supporting the troops -he sings for them in Poland, Germany, Maryland and so on. Below we spoke with Tomaczek on SAME SKY's journey to empowerment.

What drew you to SAME SKY? 

First and foremost, it was Francine LeFrak.  An award winning woman who shared her dream, spirit and focus to engage others to take action and uplift their communities through the power of entrepreneurship and creativity.

What makes SAME SKY unique or stand out from other organizations?

One look at their mission and the exquisite beauty of its products and immediately you see that SAME SKY stands out in a crowded marketplace. The brilliance of its entire line of bracelets, necklaces, cuff links… you name it. Every single facet of what they create and distribute worldwide has been done with one thing in mind… to Change Lives. And when you see what has transpired through the years… the "journey" and story of the company has been amazing. Indeed, members of the SAME SKY team have traveled numerous times to see how lives have been impacted. From each visit, it is clear that the artisans are able to provide sustenance and shelter for their families… And when that happens, music for the "spirit and soul" happens! And THAT is Beautiful!

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