Introducing Teddy To The Rescue...

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on July 15 2013

Introducing Teddy To The Rescue...

In 2011, Tokyo was hit with a devastating combination of an earthquake and tsunami off the Pacific coast of Tohoku.  The catastrophic aftermath left 15,883 dead, 6,145 injured and 2,671 missing. It also crumbled the city as 129,225 buildings were completely destroyed and another 691,766 damaged. Needless to say, it was a time when everyone at SAME SKY was itching to help in any way that we could. It was during this time that Teddy to the Rescue was born.  

Teddy to the Rescue is a disaster relief project that proceeds global crisis regions. We wanted to tie together ethical consumerism with aid for local and international disasters. Upon purchase of a Teddy necklace, proceeds are distributed to organizations such as the Federation of Red Cross and Crescent Societies and then dispensed to aid relief efforts worldwide. Since its creation, Teddy to the Rescue has provided aid to Tokyo, Hurricane Sandy, as well as helping Boston rise above the bombings that took place during the Boston Marathon. 

Some Background on Teddy to the Rescue and Being A Socially Conscious Consumer...

There is no single “right” way to be a socially conscious consumer, but it begins with one small, common sense approach. While our influence can rarely be seen immediately or directly it is there and we can make an impact. Being socially conscious isn’t something you do; it is something you are. It is about being educated and aware as to who and what is involved with the products you are purchasing and the potential impact your decision has on building a movement towards relief. As more people begin to actively seek out opportunities to purchase products that have social good, we will see humanity working towards a better and brighter future. 

These necklaces are not only adorably chic, but they're tangible agents for change, hope, and humanitarian advocacy.  We are taking Teddy to the web in hopes to provide a greater relief program through ethical shopping. Please join the effort to provide aid to international disaster relief and purchase a Teddy To The Rescue today!


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