Same Sky Is Coming Home: Jersey City Artisans

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on November 03 2013

Same Sky Is Coming Home: Jersey City Artisans


At the Most Excellent Halfway Home in Jersey City we met Dominique, a diehard creative and charismatic 20 year old. Dominique has an undeterred vision for her future, she intends on going to college for a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and becoming a logo designer for major companies. In her spare time she helps out at the Halfway home, watches old movies, and reads books. She is also a staple of the SAME SKY America Pilot Project -employing to empower underserved women who are just getting out of prison in Jersey City.

Dominique, among nine other women at the Most Excellent Halfway Home are the proud new employees of SAME SKY America (our first project in the States) that employs women to hand-bead the SAME SKY Benefit Collection. Our vision is to give women second chances as they reconnect to their creativity and talents, restore their confidence, and reopen their worlds that once seemed closed. Today, we want to shed light on the talents and dreams of these beautiful and determined women who are now taking control of their own lives.

The nine women told us that the pull of the streets -the hatred, danger and noise of their lives- is sharply contrasted with the peaceful experience of beading. Beading has become an escape for them, they say the quietness allows them to focus on what really matters, which is their futures. Not only are the women connecting to each other but they have also expressed a deep connection with SAME SKY’s artisans in Rwanda.

As Reverend Gloria Walton, the Manager of the Halfway Home, said, “SAME SKY America is so much more than making jewelry. It’s about helping women get back in touch with themselves.”  

We are so excited to launch this project in Jersey City! Read our mission statement and meet the artisans here.


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