About the END Poverty Bracelet


The END Poverty bracelet celebrates a new chapter in Same Sky's story. For nearly a decade, Same Sky has worked to reduce poverty by creating employment opportunities for Rwandan genocide survivors and ex-offenders in Jersey City. Same Sky's model of giving second chances has proven that the individuals society most often overlooks - those who are forced to endure poverty's brutal effects - possess an incredible ability to transform their lives and those of their families when given a job and a second chance.

The Same Sky Foundation utilizes the lessons gathered from years of firsthand, on-the-ground experience watching Same Sky's business model and its impacts. These changes happen with the dignity of work, the freedom from poverty, and the promise of self-sufficiency that a job at Same Sky offers a talented woman in need of an opportunity. By wearing the END poverty bracelet, you join the Same Sky Foundation as an advocate against poverty. 100% of the net proceeds from every bracelet are reinvested to employ more artisans, ending the cycle of poverty one woman at a time.