Asante Jaqueline


Asante Jaqueline is a courageous 1994 Rwandan Genocide survivor that now works full-time for SAME SKY crocheting handmade jewelry.

After the genocide, Asante had lost all hope and confidence for the future. Even though Asante was given free HIV medication, she could not afford the transportation to the the hospital to pick it up. In addition to Asante’s HIV+ status, she began to suffer from persistent leg pain due to an injury sustained during the Genocide.

In 2008, SAME SKY recruited, trained, and provided Asante Jacqueline with sustainable employment. With her very first paycheck she bought her children mattresses –which she says is an investment in their education and future. As Asante continued to make 15 to 20 times the average Sub Saharan wage she set personal investments for the future by becoming her own entrepreneur. She sells home appliances and also started a potato business at the local Kigali market with her daughter.

Asante Jacqueline believes in the power of giving back. Her income has allowed her to clothe, feed, and shelter not only her three children, but also an additional six children who were left orphans after the Genocide.  In our most recent update from Asante Jacqueline, she said that her white blood cells have increased dramatically and that she was able to buy land.

Asante’s message to you: “Thank you very much for buying SAME SKY jewelry so that you can empower me and improve my life… When you wear it, I hope you feel beautiful.”