Giving Tuesday 2016


But I have some challenges to overcome. At home, there are no water taps, which causes us to fetch contaminated water. There is no electricity, which affects my reading. And my major goal this year is to get good grades.

Still, I am very glad to have been able to acquire an education in a good school. I would like to join a university in the USA or in India to help me reach my dream of becoming a doctor.

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I want to disprove people in my community who think girls cannot excel in sciences. This year, I have a goal of getting good grades so that I can get admitted to a good university. I also want to improve my communication skills in English.

With courage from my family and teachers, I believe I can achieve my dreams. I will become a role model to many girls, and I will help my family get out of poverty.

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In my community, there are many difficulties affording quality education and good accommodation. Many people think it is impossible for girls to study STEM subjects in secondary schools and higher institutions of learning.

This academic year, I want to improve my grades in Entrepreneurship Studies. I also plan to work hard to improve my communication skills in English, by reading novels and participating in debates.

My plan to give back to the community is sincerely a legacy from the Same Sky Foundation.

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But I have some challenges. Eye problems. Myths about girls’ education in my community – many still think that girls cannot do science, that girls are meant for marriage.

But I’m working hard, and I’m very determined to overcome these challenges. I have three goals this year: to excel in my classes, get excellent grades, and be in the top 10 performing students in my senior class. Next year, I wish to study in a good university in the USA that offers a program in Aviation. I hope to bring these skills back to Rwanda.

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I believe that I can be a hero and serve a thousand lives. During this academic year, I want to improve my grades and overall class performance.

In my community, many people think that girls are not able to study as well as boys. But I am trying harder to educate my community that girls and boys have the same right to education.

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But I have a number of challenges, like the lack of a personal laptop to practice computer skills after class and during holidays.

This academic year, I want to get good grades and improve my general performance, so that I can excel in the Rwandan national examination. It will help me to be admitted to a good university next year. It will also help me change the way many people in my community think about girls studying sciences.

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