The Rwandan Genocide: 19 Years On

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on April 04 2013

The Rwandan Genocide: 19 Years On


As we commemorate the 19th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide this week, let’s all look to Rwanda as a model for reconstruction. The country’s great leap from the darkest days of the genocide to now can at times seem like a miracle…  But it’s a miracle that can be attributed to the Rwandan people who demanded reconciliation rather than revenge in the days, months, and years that followed the horrific genocide.

While working in Rwanda, SAME SKY has witnessed the country’s tremendous progress. Now Rwanda is attracting investment, fighting corruption, and improving the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In fact 7 years from now, Rwanda intends to be a middle-income country, much like Brazil, Thailand, and other countries that have been able to lift themselves out of poverty.

On SAME SKY’s last visit to Rwanda, we saw impressive road construction, and new supermarkets and ATMs popping up throughout the country. Just a decade ago, Rwanda could not get tourists to pay the $375 fee to visit the famous Rwandan gorillas, but now there are not enough $500 tickets to meet the demand.

Everyday SAME SKY is thrilled to work with such an incredible country and culture. We are continuously amazed at the courage of our SAME SKY artisans who are lifting themselves out of poverty and rebuilding their lives.

SAME SKY invites everybody to join us in commemorating the 19th anniversary of the genocide… We will be hosting an event at SAKS Fifth Avenue this Saturday and Sunday.  Come by to help support these genocide survivors who now hand crochet beautiful SAME SKY jewelry.


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