Smart(er) Woman! The New Mobile App

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on June 03 2013

Smart(er) Woman! The New Mobile App

Same Sky would like to endorse the newest mobile app created by friend and fellow women empowerment activist, Louise Guido and her team at ChangeCorp, called “SmartWoman." This mobile app aims to CONNECT, SHARE, and EMPOWER women across different socio- economic groups as well as regionally and globally. By downloading this app and paying a $5 per month fee, women from developing countries can access content from experts in leadership positions, learn useful tips on how to pursue a career as well as receive advice in fields such as finance and business development.

SmartWoman also creates an avenue for individuals to post questions in hopes to receive insightful answers from experts or other members of the SmartWoman community. With the ability to “Follow” or “Like” a particular member or post, similar to the Facebook interface, you can personalize your circle in order to increase personal relevancy.

SmartWoman also provides a unique opportunity to donate to those women less fortunate. The $5 monthly fee helps fund an effort to create a learning opportunity for women in Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia and Mexico that don’t have traditional means of education, but the aid doesn’t stop there as they ask you to get involved with other NGO campaigns, donate money for women to receive access to phones, as well as create a marketplace for users to buy products made by women, like Wayuu Taya hand woven bags and our bracelets and necklaces at Same Sky. Make sure to check out SmartWoman and look out for their upcoming products “SmartGirl” for teenagers and “SmartSister” for university co-eds. 

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