A Step In the Right Direction: Vanity's Story

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on October 31 2017

A Step In the Right Direction: Vanity's Story

We believe that every Tuesday can be a Giving Tuesday. Through November, we're sharing stories of real lives impacted by the Same Sky Foundation.

The road to financial freedom comes with all kinds of costs. The Same Sky Foundation is here to help for every step of the journey.

For Vanity, finding a job was a struggle–but she knew she was too driven to fail. She signed up for a computer course to gain expertise with the Microsoft suite, giving her a more diverse skill set and a more desirable resume for prospective employers.


She was on the track to success until her efforts came to an abrupt halt: when her children got sick, Vanity needed to take temporary medical leave to care for them. She gradually stopped taking classes and building her skill set, set back by the emotional and financial strain.




But Vanity didn't lose hope. Through her perseverance and the support of her employment coach, Vanity was picked from a pool of candidates and hired as a cafeteria aide. However, the screening process included fees for a background check and fingerprinting–costs that Vanity could not afford.


The Same Sky Foundation was created with the mission to advance social good, providing those already on the road to financial independence with the opportunity and support they need to change their lives. This past May, Vanity accepted both a grant from the Same Sky Foundation and her job offer, taking the next step toward the bright future she is making for herself and her family.

In the season of giving, your generosity counts more than ever. To support Vanity and other Same Sky Foundation grantees, click here. 

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