Congratulations Annonciata!

Francine Lefrak

Posted on November 08 2019

Congratulations Annonciata!

By Francine Lefrak


I received this photo and message from our program director at the FAWE school in Rwanda this morning. It made my day and filled me with such pride for the work we do at the Same Sky Foundation.


"I'm so happy to let you know that Same Sky Scholar, Annonciata has officially graduated today from the University of Rwanda. Congratulations to Francine and everyone at the Same Sky Foundation!

Annonciata's story is so amazing as in 2015 she had dropped out if high school because of school fees. I remember talking to her at that time and she really lost all hope because of her poor family background. Up to now she is still overwhelmed with the education opportunity she got from Same Sky.

Annonciata is now a mid wife Nurse, so proud of her! So proud of Francine and so proud of everyone at the Same Sky Foundation who is working tirelessly to provide support to the Rwandan girls like Annonciata! Annonciata's family is overjoyed and they do not have enough words to thank Francine and the Same Sky team.

I'm lucky to have witnessed this - indeed the future of Same Sky scholars is bright!!"

Annonciata was also kind enough to make this beautiful gift for Same Sky.

Annonciata was also kind enough to make this beautiful gift for Same Sky.


We are so proud of you Annonciata, congratulations!!

This is what it's all about: the results, the impact. It's incredible stories like this that make it worth it to go the extra mile to support these girls who need a little help.

Annonciata is a perfect example of our saying "Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not". She had the skills and the drive to succeed, but not the means to go to school. With the help of a Same Sky scholarship, she was able to achieve her dreams of being a midwife nurse. 

To give more girls like Annonciata scholarships to help them go to school and realize their dreams, donate to the Same Sky Foundation here.


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