Same Sky Scholar Update: Joyce Mutesi

Francine Lefrak

Posted on February 21 2020

Same Sky Scholar Update: Joyce Mutesi

My name is Joyce Mutesi, 23 years old. I’m a 3rd year university same sky Scholar at University of Rwanda, college of Agriculture, Animal sciences and Veterinary medicine ( School of Agriculture, rural development and agricultural economics). I’m in a crop science department studying crop science and forestry.

I’m so grateful for the support and chance given to me by the Same Sky Foundation. Same Sky Foundation is a godsend for me in many ways. I had dropped out of high school at FAWE in 2015 because my parents could not afford to pay the school fees for me and I had no hope of getting sponsorship. My parents are peasant farmers and have a lot of children to take care of. I had absolutely no idea how I could graduate from my high school and study in a University and achieve my dream of being an agriculturalist specializing in crop science. I didn't know how I could achieve my education dream and get any kind of condensed, comprehensive agricultural knowledge, or what being a crop scientist would actually be like given my little hope of achieving college education. When I was accepted into this scholarship program, it felt like the door to my future opened and I worked hard to achieve highly academically.

At the University I have been excelling in academics students with current with annual marks percentage average (MPA) of 70.8% and striving higher to achieve 80% so that I can graduate with a first class next year.

Studying at the University with a Same Sky Scholarship has been invaluable to me and offered many lessons, skills, a pathway, and a community that has helped me to define, understand, and focus my goal to become a leader and scientist. Currently I’m a student leader at the University and carry my leadership experience to my community in advocating for women rights and girl empowerment and also transfer my agricultural knowledge and experts to farmers to help them in food production. Thank you Same Sky Foundation and I encourage you to continue supporting more impoverished girls in Rwanda to achieve their education dreams.

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