Standing Up for Women in Media

Francine Lefrak

Posted on April 14 2020

Standing Up for Women in Media


Same Sky has always championed women's voices, whether they are survivors of the Rwandan Genocide or recently released from prison in Jersey City. Read Francine's letter below to the president of Charter Communications advocating for the women of NY1...


Dear Tom,

I must congratulate you for running such a successful telecommunications
company that has become one of my favorite channels to watch over the
years. We have a choice between Verizon Fios and DirectTV, but Spectrum
has something neither of them have: NY1. The joy I get from watching NY1 is

It's very reassuring to see experienced journalists deliver the news who have deep connections to the community and find stories that touch our hearts. After 9/11, NY1 guided us through an incredibly difficult time. They are a source of comfort during these trying times.

I wanted to single out the women of NY1 including Roma Torre, Kristen
Shaughnessy, Amanda Farinacci, Vivian Lee, and Jeanine Ramirez who I
have come to rely on for the news. Their work is exceptional, and they elevate
my thinking every time I watch them. They deliver the news in the most
professional, unbiased, factual way - I know I can trust them.

Thank you for having such incredible examples of strong, successful,
intelligent women on your network.

With gratitude,
Francine LeFrak
Chair Emerita
Women's Leadership Board
Harvard Kennedy School

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