In Conversation: Making the PRIDE Bracelet 

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on June 13 2017

In Conversation: Making the PRIDE Bracelet 
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the jewelry you love from Same Sky's product designer, Vidhya Kamdar, and director of brand relations, Joseph Pino. 

June is National Pride Month, and Same Sky is celebrating by partnering with the Trevor Project for the PRIDE Bracelet and Ring. The latest additions to Same Sky's best-selling IMPACT Collection, 20% of proceeds from every piece of PRIDE Jewelry sold will support the Trevor Project's mission: ending suicide in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

The Trevor Project is the only accredited national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ people under the age of 25. The organization is committed to researching and discovering the most effective means of helping young LGBTQ+ people in crisis. Trevor also provides education resources for youth-serving adults and organizations and an advocacy department fighting for pro-LGBTQ+ legislation and against anti-LGBTQ+ policies, giving their efforts even greater resonance.

Investing in young people today for a brighter tomorrow is a common thread shared by the Trevor Project and Same Sky. In addition to providing educational opportunities for female STEM students in Rwanda, Same Sky understands that building a successful future starts at home. "We're not just investing in our artisans, we're investing in their families and their futures," director of brand relations Joseph Pino explained. "That's ultimately how we can reach our goal of combating poverty."

Making Connections

Same Sky was connected to the Trevor Project through a serendipitous meeting with a supporter.

"I was wearing [the PRIDE Bracelet] during a fitting at b michael AMERICA's atelier for a photoshoot," Joseph said. "B asked about the rainbow PRIDE Bracelet I was wearing, and I explained how we were looking to partner with a LGBTQ+ organization for the bracelet." While discussing possible matches, Joseph mentioned the Trevor Project and learned that b michael AMERICA had previously worked with the organization. Same Sky was soon connected with the Trevor Project's 
Executive Director.

With PRIDE Jewelry, Same Sky aims to unite LGBTQ+ people and their allies by a shared belief in style that gives back. The rainbow colors found in these bracelets and rings represents inclusivity, encompassing people from all backgrounds and experiences. "The rainbow symbol is like a beacon," Joseph stated. "When you see the rainbow in the window of store or on a bracelet or pin, you know you can feel open and comfortable.
It's a symbol of safety." 

Designing the PRIDE Bracelet

Product designer Vidhya Kamdar touched on the constraints of designing, explaining, "For the PRIDE Bracelet specifically, designing was a lot of fun because the beads come in limited colors, so we had to make the best rainbow that we could out of our options." By using bead colors featured in other IMPACT Bracelets, the PRIDE Bracelet brings the collection 'full circle,' unifying the rainbow of causes championed in the collection.

Launched just in time for summer festivals and events, Vidhya declared, "The PRIDE Bracelet is going to be one of our most fun bracelets." 

At the Heart of It All

When asked about their personal definitions of pride, Vidhya and Joseph agreed that it's all about self-assurance. 

"To me, pride means approaching the situations you're in, the decisions you make, and the results you get with confidence," Vidhya explained. "When you feel proud about something, what other people think doesn't matter. You've found a way to accept where you are despite any societal perceptions or pressure and finding peace within yourself."

Joseph shared a personal story, highlighting the significance of PRIDE Jewelry to his own experience: "When I was a kid I found it difficult to be proud of my orientation. I remember having a beaded rainbow hanging from the rearview mirror of my mom's car, and I used to hide it because I didn't want people to see me with it and associate me with the LGBTQ+ community. Now, at 30, I'm happy to wear this bracelet. I'm proud of it."

Click to learn more about the Trevor Project's critical support services for LGBTQ+ youth, and wear your solidarity by shopping PRIDE Jewelry and other pieces from the IMPACT Collection.




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