The Power of a Girl: Same Sky Scholar Spotlight

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on March 22 2017

The Power of a Girl: Same Sky Scholar Spotlight

Our FAWE Girls' School graduates have big dreams to change the world... and we believe they will! Get to know these amazing students in the Same Sky Scholar Spotlight.


My name is Mutesi Joyce. I’m 21 years old, a Same Sky scholar, and a first-year university student at the University of Rwanda’s College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. I’m pursuing a degree in Forestry and Crop Production. When I was in secondary school, I took science courses to prepare myself for studying general medicine at the university level - I expected to become a doctor. But witnessing the problems many farmers in my community are facing changed everything.

My parents are farmers whose main crop has always been cassava, but since a disease infected the cassava plantations of our region, the crops aren’t producing and can’t be relied upon for income. The cassava crop was the only source of income to pay my school fees and feed our family. Fortunately, where challenges appeared, solutions followed. Just when I was scared enough to believe my education was over, the Same Sky Foundation mentioned my name among those selected to receive sponsorships - which was true miracle. I’m so lucky to pursue a career in agriculture so that I can contribute to research that will find the cure for our diseased crops.

This academic year, I want to get excellent grades in my course and secure a personal computer to do research and course work. I also want to join the women’s movement groups at my university and fully participate in leadership programs. 

I am Uwera Mary, a first-year Same Sky scholar at the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus. I’m studying my dream course - a BSc in Pharmacy at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

This academic year, my goals are to get the best grades in my course and become more involved in co-curricular activities. I want to be seen as a leader by my course-mates.

I will work hard to achieve my goals. My greatest ambition is to become a Minister of Health Rwanda. I would make it my mission to establish health organizations in every village of my country, focusing on hygiene, sex education, and drug abuse counseling - this is especially important for teenagers during their adolescence. I plan to start a non-government organization that works to keep girls in school, spread education to prevent adolescent pregnancies, and advocate for victims of sexual harassment.

My name is Dusabe Annocianta. I am a Same Sky scholar and first-year student at the University of Rwanda pursuing an advanced diploma in midwifery.
The Same Sky Foundation has been like another parent to me, a savior for my education. When my family was struggling to provide for us, my education languished. I am so grateful to those who support the Same Sky Foundation, and I will hopefully extend their legacy of kindness by providing medical care to the poor after graduation.

This academic year, my main goal is to excel in my university examinations… I want to score a first class grading in my course.
 Your support helps to make the continued success of these and other Same Sky Scholars possible. Click here to learn more about the Same Sky Foundation's scholarship program and what a difference your donation makes.


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