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Same Sky as seen on Goldie Hawn, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Garner, and Jessica Alba

 GOLDIE HAWNactress   |  ALICIA KEYSmusician   |  JENNIFER GARNERactress  |  JESSICA ALBA, actress


Same Sky as seen on Sharon Stone, Fergie, Liza Minelli, and Usher
SHARON STONE, actress  |  FERGIE, musician/actress  |  LIZA MINNELLI, actress/singer   |  USHER, musician/performer


Same Sky as seen on Queen Latifah, Alan Rickman, Fran Drescher, and Joan Collins
QUEEN LATIFAH, actress/musician  |  ALAN RICKMAN, actor  |  FRAN DRESCHER, actress/activist  |  JOAN COLLINS, actress/author

Same Sky as seen on Barbara Walters, Pia Wurtzbach, Heather Graham, and Dionne Warwick

BARBARA WALTERS, journalist/author  |  PIA WURTZBACHMiss Universe  |  HEATHER GRAHAM, actress  |  DIONNE WARWICK, musician/actress


Same Sky as seen on Spike Lee, Katie Couric, Halle Berry, and Sela Ward

SPIKE LEE, director  |  KATIE COURIC, journalist  |  HALLE BERRY, actress  |  SELA WARD, actress


Same Sky as seen on Jeannie Mai, Ann Curry, Geena Davis, and Cynthia Nixon

JEANNIE MAI, TV personality  |  ANN CURRYjournalist  |  GEENA DAVIS, actress  |  CYNTHIA NIXON, actress/activist


Same Sky as seen on Star Jones, Ben Affleck, Donna Karan, and Christine Baranski 

STAR JONES, TV personality/advocate  |  BEN AFFLECK, actor  |  DONNA KARAN, fashion designer  |  CHRISTINE BARANSKI, actress


Same Sky as seen on Christe Brinkley, Akon, Alisyn Camerota, and Matt Dillon

CHRISTIE BRINKLEY, model/actress  |  AKON, musician  |  ALISYN CAMEROTA, news anchor  |  MATT DILLON, actor


Same Sky as seen on Dr. Ruth, Buzz Aldrin, Gloria Steinem, and Michel Sidibé DR. RUTH WESTHEIMER, media personality  |  BUZZ ALDRIN, astronaut  |  GLORIA STEINEM, activist  |  MICHEL SIDIBÉ, Executive Director, UNAIDS


 Same Sky as seen on Maria Shriver, Billy Porter, Blake Mycoskie, and Hillary Clinton

MARIA SHRIVER, journalist  |  BILLY PORTER, Broadway actor  |  BLAKE MYCOSKIE, Founder, TOMS  |  HILLARY CLINTON, politician


VAN JONES, advocate  |  WENDY DAVIS, politician  |  MEGAN LEAVEY, veteran  |  SADE BADERINWA, news anchor


Same Sky as seen on Meryl Streep, Scott Harrison, Gayle King, and Toyin Ojora-Saraki

MERYL STREEP, actress  |  SCOTT HARRISON, founder, charity: water  |  GAYLE KING, TV personality  |  TOYIN OJORA-SARAKI, founder-president, Wellbeing Foundation Africa


Same Sky as seen on Robin Roberts, Deborah Norville, Kat Graham, and Dr. Joyce F. Brown

ROBIN ROBERTS, broadcaster  |  DEBORAH NORVILLE, journalist  |  KAT GRAHAM, musician/actress  |  DR. JOYCE F. BROWNpresident, FIT


Same Sky as seen on Judith Light, Deshauna Barber, Rae Dawn Chong, and Cara Buono

JUDITH LIGHT, actress  |  DESHAUNA BARBER, Miss USA 2016  |  RAE DAWN CHONG, actress  |  CARA BUONOactress


Same Sky as seen on Lisa Daftari Paula Zahn, Veronica Varekova, and Linda Hart

LISA DAFTARI, journalist  |  PAULA ZAHN, journalist  |  VERONICA VAREKOVA, model  |  LINDA HART, actress



Same Sky as seen on Cindy Adams, Bono, Meredith Vieira, and Keshia Knight Pulliam

CINDY ADAMS, columnist  |  BONO, musician/activist  |  MEREDITH VIEIRA, journalist  |  KESHIA KNIGHT PULLIAM, actress


Same Sky as seen on Jeannette Kagame, Chelsea Clinton, Lauren Bush, and Ruth Simmons

JEANNETTE KAGAME, First Lady of Rwanda  |  CHELSEA CLINTON, philanthropist  |  LAUREN BUSH, co-founder, FEED  |  RUTH SIMMONS, former president, Brown University


Same Sky as seen on Petra Nemcova, Tommy Tune, Frances Fisher, and Brian Cashman

PETRA NEMCOVA, model/philanthropist  |  TOMMY TUNE, Broadway actor  |  FRANCES FISHER, actress  |  BRIAN CASHMAN, executive for the New York Yankees

  Same Sky as seen on Mary Hart, Maria Bello, Jesse Jackson, and Rosanna Scotto

MARY HART, TV personality  |  MARIA BELLO, actress  |  JESSE JACKSON, activist  |  ROSANNA SCOTTO, news anchor


Same Sky as seen on Crystle Stewart, Felicia Taylor, Barbara Pierce Bush, and Cindy McCain

CRYSTLE STEWART, model/former Miss USA  |  FELICIA TAYLOR, news anchor  |  BARBARA PIERCE BUSH, co-founder/president, Global Health Corps  |  CINDY MCCAIN, philanthropist 


Same Sky as seen on Romero Britto, Hunt Slonem, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and Rosie O'Donnell

ROMERO BRITTO, artist  |   HUNT SLONEM, artist  |  ELIZABETH HASSELBECK, news anchor  |  ROSIE O'DONNELL, actress


Same Sky as seen on Ramona Singer, Kris Jenner, Lisa Vanderpump, and Mark Simone 

RAMONA SINGER, TV personality  |  KRIS JENNER, TV personality  |  LISA VANDERPUMP, TV personality  |  MARK SIMONE, radio personality



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