Bond University Partnership


"We really feel that the Same Sky philosophy is also a beautiful blend into all that we are trying to do in terms of making an impact and positive difference to the lives and future of Indigenous people in Australia... It's a joy and honor to be part of the Same Sky Community."

Becoming Same Sky’s first-ever organizational ambassador is an extension of Bond University’s commitment to women’s empowerment and leadership. Bond is dedicated to ensuring as many people as possible have access to educational opportunities and the leadership skills they need to drive change within their communities, and to cultivating and encouraging a strong sense of social and philanthropic responsibility in the next generation.  
As Australia’s leading private, not-for-profit University, Bond deeply values philanthropic student experiences. They aim to nurture young people to reach their highest potential, and encourage students to be committed to making meaningful and lifelong contributions in their chosen fields.

Through our partnership with the
Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia, Bond University is championing the Same Sky cause within a number leading girls’ schools by opening up a conversation about women’s empowerment, equality, and education through the Same Sky lens and looking at how we can embed these topics within their curriculum.

Announcing our commitment as Same Sky’s first organizational ambassador on International Women’s Day 2014, in a year marking 20 years since the Rwandan genocide, was a very poignant and significant moment for Bond University.