FAWE Girls School

The Same Sky Foundation provides scholarships to girls to study at the FAWE Girls School in Rwanda. Prioritizing and investing in girls’ education is the key to changing Rwanda’s economic landscape for women, and it starts with ensuring quality education. In addition to providing scholarships, the Same Sky Foundation is proud to donate the tools necessary for students to study FAWE’s science-based curriculum. Learn more.

Girl With a Difference

The Same Sky Foundation has donated funds to Girl With a Difference, a non-profit based in the poorest areas of Kigali, Rwanda. Girl With a Difference strives to build self-esteem in women and girls to empower them to achieve better futures through training and education. Girls impacted by the program become Education Ambassadors in their communities, offering an example to other young girls to become the leaders of tomorrow. Learn more.

Hudson County Jail

The Same Sky Foundation is proud to donate textbooks to the Hudson County Jail for the educational betterment of its incarcerated population. The Same Sky Foundation believes that work and education are equally crucial in empowering women and changing lives. Access to necessary educational materials is the first step forward for a woman to take control of her education and future prospects. 

Last Mile Health

The Same Sky Foundation donated to Last Mile Health to fight Ebola in Liberia. Last Mile Health trains front-line health workers in affected communities, creating a lasting impact in the fight against global health crises. Learn more.


When you donate to the Same Sky Foundation,
you provide education and opportunity to women and girls so that they can build brighter futures for themselves and for their families.