50 Random Acts of Kindness


 Random Acts of Kindness


1. Smile :)     2. Prepare a meal for a homeless person     3. Call your mother to tell her you love her     4. Compliment someone
5. Write a handwritten note     6. Thank a policeman     7. Ask someone "how are you?"... Mean it and listen
8. Write a thank you letter to your parents     9. Hug your loved ones for no particular reason     10. Thank a fireman
11. Offer someone else your seat on the bus/train     12. Give an inspiring book to a struggling friend
13. Pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru     14. Don't lose an opportunity to say "I love you"
15. Read to a child     16. Thank a doorman     17. Practice patience     18. Refrain from gossiping. Speak well of others.
19. Turn off a leaky faucet     20. Babysit for a single parent     21. Donate an hour of your professional services
22. Donate blood     23. Cook dinner for a busy parent     24. Recycle     25. Thank the postman
26. Tape change to a pay phone    27. Mentor local youth     28. Visit a senior center/nursing home 
29. Pick up trash and refrain from littering     30. Collect clothes to take to a local shelter     31. Walk a neighbor's dog
32. Visit an animal shelter     33. Volunteer at a soup kitchen     34. Visit an orphanage with some goodies
35. Give your waiter/waitress a big tip     36. Send a nice "just because" card to a family member
37. Rake someone's yard     38. Be a courteous driver     39. Hold the elevator     40. Let someone get ahead of you in line
41. Spend time with the elderly     42. Write a letter of appreciation     43. Introduce yourself to someone you always see around
44. Hold the door for someone     45. Call your sibling to catch up     46. Grab your friends for a workout
47. Give your neighbor a ride     48. Bake cookies for a loved one    49. Spend more time with your parents     50. Appreciate life