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The Same Sky Foundation provides empowerment, tools, education, and opportunity to women and girls worldwide so that they can build self-esteem and brighter futures for themselves and their families. We are committed to assisting under-served women living in extreme poverty, namely women survivors of the Rwandan Genocide, and formerly incarcerated women in Jersey City.

The Same Sky Foundation empowers through action and contributions to programs that create sustainable solutions. Our core initiatives include education, training, and microgrants, which lay the foundation for economic advancement and personal empowerment. Same Sky runs a social enterprise in conjunction with a foundation that puts us in a unique position to flexibly provide empowerment tools where we see fit. Through research projects, conferences, and meetings, the foundation will build a curriculum to grow our impact by sharing research results with a network of educational institutions worldwide.

When women are given opportunity, their families benefit and their communities flourish. Our goal is to effectuate social change for women and girls who will then act as role models for their surrounding communities and the generations to come.


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