Same Sky Foundation — Impact + Projects


• The Same Sky Foundation has donated funds to Girl With a Difference. This program works with women, girls, and children, in the poorest area of Kigali, Rwanda, to build self-esteem and empower them to achieve better futures with training and education. Their impact grows because the girls in their high school empowerment course will become ambassadors to share their education with their communities. They plan to expand to elementary and secondary schools, to be able to transform young girls into the leaders of tomorrow. Learn more about Girl With a Difference >>

• The Same Sky Foundation contributes to education and donated tools to the science students at the FAWE Girls School in Rwanda. FAWE is a science school, and the girls need proper tools to follow the curriculum. Prioritizing and investing in girls’ education is key to changing the economic landscape of Rwanda, and it starts with ensuring the excellent quality of their education. Learn more about FAWE Girls School >>

• Working with Same Sky on Campus, the Same Sky Foundation donated textbooks to the Hudson County Jail. The Same Sky Foundation believes that both work and education are crucial to empowerment and changing lives, and providing educational materials allows the women to continue their schooling.

• The Same Sky Foundation donated to Last Mile Health to fight Ebola in Liberia. Last Mile Health trains front-line health workers in the affected community— the health workers are trained to fight Ebola, and create a lasting impact in their ability to fight other health issue that may arise. Learn more about Last Mile Health >>

 • The Same Sky Foundation is creating a food service employment opportunity for women. This program will combat poverty in the United States by helping those who would have difficulty with employment to begin working and jumpstart their new lives. Partnering with a local prison facility, this initiative will give the women hard skills from training, employment, and running a business, and will fill their resumes with experience so they are able to have a second chance to change their lives. Learn more about our opportunities for women in America >>


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