A Step in the Right Direction: Kimberly's Story

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on November 10 2017

A Step in the Right Direction: Kimberly's Story

We believe that every Tuesday can be a Giving Tuesday. Through November, we're sharing stories of real lives impacted by the Same Sky Foundation.


The road to financial freedom comes with all kinds of costs. The Same Sky Foundation is here to help for every step of the journey.


Single mothers have an incredible number of responsibilities to balance—providing their children with love and care while also providing for their family's financial needs makes achieving stability and independence a true challenge. For Kimberly, juggling the search for sustainable employment while raising her kids was taking its toll. 


Fortunately, Kimberly knew about the Same Sky Foundation’s Microgrant Program. The Same Sky Foundation helped pay the registration fee for Academy House Day Center in Jersey City, ensuring her daughter's spot during their enrollment and taking some of the burden off of Kimberly as she continued the job hunt.

At Same Sky, we believe each and every helping hand counts for women facing financial struggle... and the Same Sky Foundation is committed to delivering your help where it is needed most. To support Kimberly, her family, and other Same Sky Foundation grantees, click here.

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