A Step in the Right Direction: Nivia's Story

Colleen Napolitano

Posted on November 21 2017

A Step in the Right Direction: Nivia's Story

We believe that every Tuesday can be a Giving Tuesday. Through November, we're sharing stories of real lives impacted by the Same Sky Foundation.


The road to financial freedom comes with all kinds of costs. The Same Sky Foundation is here to help for every step of the journey.


When we met Nivia, she was in the final stages of completing her high school diploma program... no easy feat for a single mother of two, balancing a world of challenges beyond the classroom. But Nivia was ready to face the struggles of motherhood and furthering her education, striving even to improve her employment status. 

Nivia teamed up with job coaches and began to pursue a security guard position in Newark, NJ. But drive alone was not enough - when it came to the requisite training course, registration fees, and fingerprinting, Nivia needed financial help.

At the Same Sky Foundation, we want to help our grantees take advantage of every opportunity to excel. We provide disenfranchised job seekers with the tools to become agents of change in their own lives. When Nivia’s grant was approved and she went on to complete her training program—it was another mission accomplished.


To support Nivia and other grantees who are hard at work toward building financially independent futures, please click here. What you give can change a life.

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